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The .com domain was one of the first top-level domains on the Internet when the Domain Name System was implemented in January 1985.

The .com domain name is a top-level domain (TLD) that is part of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). Its name derives from the word "commercial" which indicates that it was originally intended for domains registered by commercial organizations. However, this distinction was eventually lost when registrations for the .com, .org and .net domains were opened unlimited.


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Citizenship requirements

Esta extensión no precisa de requisitos de residencia para su registro.

Technical requirements

Esta extensión no precisa de requerimientos técnicos para su registro.


The registration is instant


Para llevar a cabo transferencias de dominios necesitarás que tu proveedor actual te proporcione el AuthCode o EPP-Key del dominio, con él demuestras la titularidad del dominio.

Las transferencias tardan entre 5 y 7 días en completarse. Algunos registradores permiten aceptar las transferencias de forma manual, contacta con tu proveedor actual y averigua si ofrecen este tipo de servicios, de esta manera la transferencia se completará el mismo día.

Los dominios, una vez terminada la transferencia, amplían en un año la fecha de expiración.


Puedes renovar tu dominio en cualquier momento, este proceso suele tardar entre 20 y 30 minutos en completarse.


Es posible solicitar la cancelación de un dominio, deberás hacerlo vía ticket (área de soporte). Ten en cuenta que la cancelación no supone el abono del importe pagado por el dominio.

DNS modification

The modification of DNS is immediate, keep in mind that they will have to propagate through the network, this process usually takes between 2 and 48 hours to propagate correctly, so the previous server could appear active during that time.

Domain owner change

In order to proceed with an ownership change of many domains, it's necessary that both the current and new owner accept this change. Once the ownership change is completed the domain is locked for transfers for a 60-day period, during this time the domain won't be able to be transferred to another registrar.

Official documentation

In this section you will find links to the official documentation of the extension.

  • Domains currently do not have official documentation.

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